Walk in Showers in Sherborne

Create the best walk in Showers in Sherborne

Walk in Showers in GillinghamIf you’ve decided that home adaptations are required for independent living, your bathroom is one of the best places to start. Alongside toilets, showers [wiki] can be difficult to use for many elderly and disabled users. One of the best solutions is to install a walk in shower; here’s what you should be looking for to create your perfect walk in shower to fit your needs.

 What to consider


Walk in Shower surfaces

The first thing you see with any walk in shower is its surface. Nevertheless, besides a great aesthetic, walk in showers are primarily deigned to be practical. Rather than the traditional tiles, you may want to opt for uPVC or ply based walls which provide a high quality and practical finish, as well as looking great.

Walk in shower tray

For the walk in shower foundation, there are two main shower tray options – low level and ‘step free’.

When stepping up into tradition showers becomes a problem, these two types of tray are ideal. They require no unnatural movements or strain, and the risk of falling is reduced.

Low level shower trays are 25mm and 40mm in height and by removing the need of a step, this creates more space in the bathroom. These trays can also replace baths so bathing is much easier physically.

‘Step free’ shower trays are very similar to wet rooms but come without the price tag. The step free tray is completely level and is designed for the water to drain without flooding the whole room. It is recommended that you seek advice from a professional as to whether a step free tray is suitable for your bathroom first though.

Shower Screens

The final part of creating your perfect walk in shower is the shower screen. Once again the choice is yours as to what option you choose to best fit your needs. This may mean having an elegant free standing thick glass shower screen that means no opening and closing doors, or it could mean a magnetic sliding door that saves space whilst providing some privacy.


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